Платье S4 Criss Cross Dress для Симс 4

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  1. Please take down all my content from your site. I did not give you any permission to take my stuff and make your own links to it. Why bother to do this!! All my stuff is free on my own site and The Sims Resource so this is stupid behaviour and really makes me angry. I’m sure all other creators here are having their stuff stolen from them too. I am reporting all of the links you have created from my creations. I am ordering uploadfiles.eu the hosting site you upload to to remove them with immediate effect. You should show some respect to the creators and link back to the original creators link instead of stealing the files and reuploading them there. Very disappointed!

  2. We are ready to remove your content or change the links to yours. However, I want to say that Russian users it is very inconvenient to download files from the site thesimsresource

  3. If you change the links to mine that would be fine but if not please remove them all. I do not believe that anyone has a problem downloading from The Sims Resource, If thats true how are you able to get them then??? Sorry that is just an excuse. There are so many russian creators on the site as well. You should always link to the original creators files, no excuse. Because what you are doing is in fact stealing content. If I was you i would work on replacing all of the links here to the original persons content because the sites you host the links on has a place to report these links and if we report them , your hosting site will remove them. Then no one will be able to download them as all of the links will be dead. So please do the right thing. It will be very much appreciated.

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